The Big Picture

My father was a fundamentalist minister. I rebelled in my younger years against way too much of what he stood for, learned and taught.

If your’e old enough you’ll get the humor in the concept that as you age your parents become wiser and wiser. Mine did…

My dad, God rest his soul, was a wise man. About as smart as I am, I guess but a whole bunch wiser than most people and wiser than me for sure. Wisdom is much better than native intelligence because you can choose to be wiser but how smart you are has little to do with you directly since it is largely a matter of genetics, physical environment, how well you mother ate in the months since you were conceived until you made your debut and so on.

My dad made the choice to be wise. I am glad he did because he left me with some insights that I am convinced were a product of his intelligence to some extent but more owning to his considerable wisdom.

Among his more astute insights was the theological concept that explained, at least to my satisfaction, the nature of a being-in this case
God- who could be eternal. This is what he said. “The way I see time is not the way we think of it, I see time as a block, a static thing. We say “time flies and so on” but I feel that WE move through time”. Time as explained by my dad is basically a human problem. We will pass through it in our present form until it ends for us and then be in that realm where time is a non-factor. Think of it-you cant be late for work at the harp shop or sweeping up the streets of gold because there is no reason to have a clock! I want a job like that. Traffic on hiway 10 can SUCK!!!

We spend a lot of time fretting over all kinds of shit that is FAR beyond our control and by some measures there is plenty of shit to worry about these days. Personally, I will take care of what I feel is necessary until my “time” runs out and in the meanwhile try to retain my peace and sanity. Sometimes I get an F- in that, I know, but I truly do try.

I hope I do a good job. I am trying-some people say REALLY trying. But here’s the thing- hate and evil and all that will win for awhile but in the end love wins. I like being on the winning side of things and love is FAR stronger than hate ever thought of being (love spends more time at the gym). Even if it weren’t, I’d still feel better about being on the team that I feel better about so I’m gonna be on the love team and I don’t care how that sounds. It’s the wise thing to do.

My dad was the wise fellow. So if these insights help you even a little bit, thank him, not me. Oh yeh and if you need a new muffler, give us a call. It’s another wise thing to do.

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