Plumbing hates me. I hate plumbing. I always feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football that Lucy is holding and seriously, Lucy has some explaining to do.

It is not lost on me as an exhaust person that plumbing is really the same except in the way that the elements contained in household type plumbing and the way that the elements in exhaust plumbing can kill you is different.

In an extreme example, you could potentially drown because of a household-type plumbing leak I suppose-but how oblivious would you have to be to let a leaky spigot kill you? Very oblivious I think. “Honey, I think that leak I’ve been pestering you about for the last two months has gotten much worse, can I borrow your snorkel? You would probably prefer drowning to listening to your wife’s family berate you for killing her at every family gathering for the rest of your natural life. I can hear them now reciting the contents of her obituary now-“dumb-ass Tim “accidentally” kills wife in tragic plumbing mishap”. Not me, I’m not down for that kind of abuse weather I deserve it or not. I did my best. Too bad for her, it wasn’t good enough.

Exhaust on the other hand is quite a different matter. Now my bizarre sense of humor will give way to a gravely serious matter(pun intended).

Every year, people die because of leaks in the kind of plumbing that I don’t suck at-exhaust.

For the most part, vehicles these days are far better from a reliability standpoint that ever before. Tail pipe emissions as they are called are only about two percent of what they were in 1970. This is good for the environment and I am all about that. Unfortunately, the remaining two percent can still kill you. SOMEONE COMPETENT SHOULD HAVE A PEEK AT YOUR VEHICLE’S EXHAUST SYSTEM BEFORE WINTER REALLY SETS IN(THE TIME WHEN MOST CARBON MONOXIDE DEATHS OCCUR) AND VERIFY THAT AN EXHAUST LEAK WILL NOT PREVENT YOU FROM CELEBRATING ANOTHER BIRTHDAY. If we can help you in that way, let us know.

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