My mother, God rest her soul used to say “patience is a virtue, posses it if you can, seldom held by woman, never held by man.

Naturally I would hear this poetic gem when I was about to burst a blood vessel in my forehead because something wasn’t going right or didn’t make sense.

These days my average blood pressure is likely around 260 over 400 because it doesn’t seem like much is going right or is making sense. But it will.

“But it will”…such a short sentence with so much in it. “But”…despite everything, notwithstanding, however. “It”… whatever illogical, inscrutable, evil or otherwise unnecessary thing is in front of you that you wish wasn’t. “Will”…is going to be, no two ways about it- a done deal.

The trick that I have not mastered is being patient. I need to face the fact that at 62 years of age, that is not likely to change soon or ever. About the best that I can do is to acknowledge that eventually everything IS gonna be O.K. and as a friend of mine says, “it’s gonna be O.K and if it’s not, that’s O.K. too.

How we appear is mostly a matter of perspective. As for me, I do not always-not even very often- see how different from other people I am. I hear from people sometimes that my peculiarities are funny or or interesting or bizarre. One thing I do know is that when things get hairy I got into full Mister Spock mode and approach things from an uncannily cool perspective.

At least when it REALLY counts, I have some of the patience my mom wished I had more of but in the final analysis, our world and our situation may not make sense, but it will.

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