The last time I did a blog post, the topic was wisdom. This time it is on a commodity that is dropping like a proverbial rock…optimism.

My brother and I were walking through a graveyard south of Pittsburgh where a lot of our relatives are buried. An alarming number of the headstones were little ones and we all know what that means-the occupants of these graves were tragically taken when they were very young.

It was at that moment that a profound truth was seared into my mind and that was this-if you’ve got living to do, you’d better do it now because like a can of peas, you come with an expiration date. At least with the peas, you know that on March 3rd. of 2014, the peas will not be good for much besides compost.

Now I get it, so far there isn’t a whole lot to make you think that the underpinnings of this post is about looking at the glass as being half full but it is in fact exactly that. In the words of the late John McCane, “you do not always have control of your circumstances but you always have control over your attitude towards them.” In case you didn’t know, McCane spent seven brutal years as a P.O.W. in Vietnam.

Only the very most evil among us would have wished for the Covid to have arrived but it did. What defines anyone when things go wrong is what they do about it, during it, around it and despite it.

About the best way to keep your chin up is to find someone that could use a hand and lend it to them. I cannot tell you how the mechanism that makes people feel better about things when they help others but it does and that’s good enough for me. All good works are cumulative and the law of karma will not be denied. Besides that you can run over someone’s dogma with your karma and they will thank you for it.

Difficult days lay ahead. Keep your chin up anyways. Good days are ahead as well. Remember that for some people, three years is a lifetime. We do not know how many more days are ahead of us but as for me, I know how many of those days I am going to try like hell to make as good as they can be…all of them.

Be well, keep in touch and do good works.

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