Things change.

I knew that I knew that I knew that someday yet another change would force us to do exactly what we are doing-making mufflers.

We have two big signs in the shop that declare “WE DON’T SELL CHINESE MUFFLERS”. (That last character is a period in case you missed it). Whoa, another period! They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!!!!

WE DON’T SELL CHINESE MUFFLERS because you can’t do a good job with bad parts anymore than you can do a good job with good parts and bad labor. WE DON’T SELL CHINESE MUFFLERS because the Chinese hate us. WE DON’T SELL CHINESE MUFFLERS because we are far more concerned about American jobs than Chinese jobs. When we think of any other reasons why WE DON’T SELL CHINESE MUFFLERS, we will let you know but for now these three reasons are enough. Truth be told any one of these reasons would be more than enough but we have all three.

One of our top selling mufflers has in a sense defected, went to the dark side, call it what you will but at the end what happened is that they took the manufacturing process and they moved it to China and WE DON’T SELL CHINESE MUFFLERS. So we began building our own version of them with some very noteworthy changes. People love them. We sell lots of them and we feel pretty good about it all because they are made with American steel- stainless or mild- AND they are made in our our shop which is not in China.

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