In the 60’s you could hardly turn a radio on without hearing the word “peace”. Everyone wanted it, well, most of us anyway. But it was “a long time coming” as the words to a popular tune by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young asserted.

Certain things were and are and out of our control. The peace that most of us at least professed to want for example was out of our control. The weather to be sure was out of our control. The fact that the Vikings lost yet another Superbowl was out of our control.

The peace that we can have inside however, is decidedly NOT beyond our control. It is essentially a decision. Lots of important things are little more than that. Am I gonna let the asshole that just cut me off on hiway ten wreck my day? Probably…or at least part of it. Did he have the right to be pissed at me for writing this blog post while I was driving? Yes. What kind of cheese is the moon REALLY made of? All important questions-especially the hot-button moon/cheese question…or maybe it’s the getting pissed at people who I think are bad drivers and owe me an apology or at least a Culver’s gift card question. With all of the inputs we endure in modern society, it’s really easy to find things to squander your peace on.

It’s nearly Christmas, yes, I said Christmas, not “the holidays”. Christmas is when we hear “Peace on earth, good will to men”. I don’t normally make new years resolutions but I think this year, I am going to make a much better effort to keep the peace in my soul and not waste it on things that are beyond my control. Merry Christmas.

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