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Some Thoughts From the Owner

Life can be odd sometimes, mainly because of people. People do odd things sometimes. Once a guy walked into my shop and asked if I was the only one there, I said: "No, you're here too."

Were you ever driving along, alone, but you had the weird feeling you weren't alone? That's because you weren't. The people who built the machine were there with you, in a way. Maybe the car was a piece of crap, and you wished you were walking, but then again, someone built your shoes too. The point is that life force is so strong, it even soaks into metal and leather for sure. Plus, your shoes once had hooves! I'm in the mood for steak.

St. Cloud Exhaust

Dogs really are the best people in the world. You can trust a dog unless your hamburger is left unattended. I don't trust people who don't like dogs. You leave a dog alone, and they are so happy to see you when you get home that they spin around in circles and pee. When's the last time your significant other did that? When's the last time you heard a dog tell a lie? Yep, it's rare when human beings fail to amuse or amaze.