I love western movies, characters, fashion, manner of speaking, good guy and girl ethics, structures, hell-even the dust from horse hooves is better than the modern dust from cars.

I do wonder how they kept their beer cold enough for it to be as popular as it seems to be in cowboy movies. I never heard anyone in a John Wayne movie complain about warm beer. I would have.

All of these ruminations betray my romantic side. I have a large one of those. But of all the things that I adore about western movies, horses are probably about my favorite. Has anyone ever met a bad horse? It sounds preposterous most likely because it is. Horses are good…probably all of them. Once I had a cat that was a real piece of work but I have known hundreds of cats and only one-Spanky-was an undesirable animal. Not that she was a BAD cat, she just didn’t seem to think that she owed me anything in return for what I gave her and she just wouldn’t listen to reason. I am reasonably certain that she was deaf.

At any rate horses are all beautiful and all have a purpose. I would own one just to look at and that would be enough for me. It would just be icing on the proverbial cake if it could pull a plow, be a good trail riding horse, pull a buggy or, oh, I don’t know… win the Kentucky derby making me fantastically wealthy.

Different horses have different purposes. All of them are either good or could be good though Jesse James kind of messed things up by using them to get away from bank hold-ups. Still, I don’t recall any credible stories of horses being hung or even serving any serious jail time for their role in such crimes because everyone knows that horses are good. If you are a draft horse you are either good at pulling heavy loads or have a knack for writing documents or like beer-draft beer especially. The point is that no matter what kind of a horse you are, you are probably good at SOMETHING. If you are a horse who is reading this and you don’t think you are good at anything, ask your stable-mates if THEY can read this blog post.

What is the point of all of this? Here you go- you are probably good at something that there is no way I could be good at-when’s the last time a horse put a muffler on your car? You may only be good at looking good. Then do it well. You may be good at wiring houses-then do it well and on and on it goes. There are many things that are out of your control. How well you do what you do or even just what you ARE doing is decidedly NOT. If everyone did their level best at everything they did, think how the world would look.

As an entertainer use to say-keep in touch, DO GOOD WORK and stay in touch.

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