When I was little and the weather was too dangerous for us to venture outside, we would often play indoor games like hide and go seek. I loved hide and go seek. I was kind of a hide and seek god. I had the best shriek of anyone around when I got found but in all modesty, it was a bitch to find me because well, I was a hide and seek god. The hide and seek talent scouts for the professional league came to recruit me but they couldn’t find me.  Another favorite pastime was building little plastic model cars. I was kind of good at that as well, not a god maybe like in my much lauded hide and seek career but still pretty good.
Now times have changed. Instead of playing with little plastic models of cool cars, I work on the real thing. It’s more or less the same thing, mostly just a matter of scale I suppose.
I still play hide and go seek too. It’s just that now, the consequences of the game are far more serious. We all play the game to one extent or another but when we play it now we are seeking peoples essences…who they really are.
 I generally find what I am looking for in people. In doing this I must overlook certain undesirable traits- assuming I am looking for the good in them. I do. Yet sometimes the evidence that someone is too much of a piece of work is so overwhelming that I stop looking for the good in that person and move on. But not normally.
Go seek the good in people first and I bet you’ll find it. You’ll also find that they appreciate you pointing out something about them that elevates them in your esteem.