When you hear the word currency you probably think of money. I do. But there are many different kinds of currency. Some tangible and others not so much.
I have sold my home in the twin cities and am in the process of moving to the St. Cloud area. Moving is an unenviable task. I do not like it. Especially since now I have er…a little more uh…stuff. When I was a whole bunch younger I could move most of what I owned on my motorcycle and it was a very small motorcycle. I brought my shirts-both of them and my jeans-both of them and a couple pair of underwear and a toothbrush and toothpaste (if I could afford it) but no socks, I didn’t wear them. I didn’t worry about where I would live when I landed in my new chosen destination either. I could pretty much bet that any large appliance store would have a nice cardboard box selection out back so that took care of that so I never bothered trying to bring my old box with me. I liked moving a lot more when I was younger.

If you want to find out how many REAL friends you have, tell people that you are moving and see how many show up. If a few people show up, by my calculations, you are rich. This to me is one of the most underrated, over-squandered, least valued and least understood kinds of currency.

If having lots of friends-REAL friends means that you are rich, then I am a cagillionaire.

I wonder how many people would offer to help Jeff Bezos if he were on undercover boss and he told his coworkers that HE was moving.

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