Communication, real or otherwise.

The 19th century was great especially if you liked flint lock rifles and coon skin hats, log cabins and incurable diseases. I like the first three a great deal. The modern world has things to offer not imaginable by most until the fantastic became work-a-day reality.

When my brother was in Vietnam, a letter from him every few weeks was a real treat. Now, my three deployed sons can call me whenever they want and it sounds as if they are right next door. The calls are as welcome as my brothers letters but they still fall short of having them right in front of me. That is because human a mere seven percent of human communication is made through the words that we say. In a text, e mail or letter, things like body language, facial expression and tone are missing. I call it synthetic communication because that is what it is. Soda-pop manufacturers try very hard to make their pop taste like strawberry but it just never seems to quite work out…something always gets lost in translation.

We welcome communication in any form at the shop but as in everything else QUALITY is the first priority. If you need to communicate with us we heartily recommend that you call or stop by so nothing gets lost in translation.

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