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CH CH CH CHANGES…Time may change me but I can’t change time.

These words from David Bowie were true then and they are true now. No one could have guessed that the world we live in would be so radically altered by a stupid little bug-yet it was.

We all look for comfort wherever we think we might find it. I do at least. In this new world, the things that haven’t changed are a great source of comfort for me. When I do dual exhaust on a 1970 Dodge charger, I am seventeen again. Then I look in the mirror I see that I’m not seventeen anymore… but I was for awhile.

I got to be seventeen for awhile yesterday and for awhile this morning when we did fresh dual exhaust on Kevin’s 1970 Charger. The car is like new and what a joy to work on. Getting to be an artist that doesn’t have to starve is a SERIOUS blessing. Lots of people hit me with that blessing. Blessings are good things to count.

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